Finally, after walking many paths from graphic designer to art director, I ended up with my own company specialising in style-integrations called: This gives me the space to do what I love doing best.

And that is paint for life!

After seeing many walls from up close I have fallen in love with the structure of old and worn down walls. They tell me a story. 

This was my motivation to develop a style that gave me the same feeling an old wall could give me. It was a challenge to develop one that could catch up with lost time. 

After 3 years of many trials and errors, I can finally say I found a composition that I am proud to present. In my own words, it is a style which similarly to graffiti is diverse and holds many opportunities.


It all started in 2005 when I arrived at the Grafisch Lyceum of Eindhoven. I was already drawing a lot but had no idea what the field of graphics or the art industry really entailed.

Here a new world opened up for me. 

In class I came to sit next to another young man who would play an important role in my life for a long time, but in those days we were all about graffiti. As two naughty teenagers, we terrorised the area around school and left no wall unsprayed.

Exploring graffiti was very interesting, but what I liked even more was the freedom of expression, to be able to discover parts of yourself in many different ways through art.

From thinking about colour combinations to making new shapes, being in this environment was perfect for the development of my skill set. Combine this with learning about the principles of graphics, and soon it was clear that I couldn’t backtrack on the creative path I had started walking.

There is something unique to graffiti that you only understand if you have experienced working with the medium yourself.
I developed a view for things others don’t quickly pay attention to. Even today, everyday things can suddenly draw my attention.
Strange colour combinations, round shapes, spots and even the wear and tear of objects which all tell a story. 

This was a pure obsession with a street view that is trying to tell you something, and the start of a career exploring the arts.


Painted in dynamic textures that bring an organic shape to life. The colours are often related to natural occurring moments such as seasons and nature-like objects that can be found in interiors. This gives a natural impression which contrasts the 80’s street view in which graffiti arose. 

I can’t wait for my next painting!

Tom de Meer

Tilburg – the Netherlands